ne0ndaisies asked:

hey i have a gloving question...i'm trying to get my boyfriend a new pair of gloves..he keeps talking about wanting oracles...which i could buy online but my friend is selling a pair of matrix gloves....i dont know what the difference is...would it be worth it to grab them tonight or wait and buy the pleasee

saladofrob answered:

Hello hello! So here I’ll give you a quick rundown of each chip since I have used them both. So matrix gloves have the ability to set 1 color set at a time (RGB) is the default and based off whatever colors you set the chip generates 35 different modes you can cycle through (strobe, hyper strobe, ribbon, ect ect) There are 5 modes to click through when on and by holding you will cycle through the other 7 modes that closely relate to the one you have selected. Oracles are a little crazier, you have the ability to set 1-8 color schemes and then have 8 different strobe modes to select from for each of these. Currently I rock the Chroma chips in my fingers (these have 5 modes to chose from and you and set 1-7 color strobes opposed to 1-3 with matrixes and oracles and also have tint control for each color hi,med,lo) and I rock matrixes on the thumbs. All are great chips so I’m sure whatever he gets he will be like a kid on christmas haha Hope dis helps =)




reblogging here incase anyone had a similar question about these chips.

Best fucking run down of the older chips ever. You should do customer service for emazing

Haha thanks man! Usually explaining something in text is quite difficult opposed to just showing someone directly or with images so I was trying to be as articulate as possible, If I could work for emazing that would be pretttttttty legit.